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Born in 1954, Lebanese-German painter, sculptor, graphic artist, publisher and musician of Armenian descent.The eldest son of renowned artist

Paul Guiragossian, Emmanuel belongs to  the 6th generation of artists in his family of musicians, iconographists and painters.

As a child Emmanuel’s paternal grandmother Rahel didn’t tell him stories like „The Little Red Riding Hood“ or children’s fairytale stories. Instead, this  woman who had lived through the Armenian Genocide, several civil wars and two World Wars, told him about her own experience. This affected Emmanuel’s perception of life and as a consequence his work was early on overtly dramatic.

At the young age of 12, during the absence of his father who was on an exhibition trip abroad, young Emmanuel painted his self-portrait in oil on canvas and substituted it to his father’s in the family room. Upon his return Paul realized that his son had become the man of the house in his absence and said: “My son has become an artist”.

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