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Jean-Paul Guiragossian

Born in 1967 in Beirut, Jean Paul Guiragossian is a Lebanese-Canadian artist of Armenian descent. Jean Paul is the second son of renowned artist painter Paul Guiragossian and was brought up in his father’s studio where his talents emerged at a very young age when he began early on making oil painting portraits. As a child he immensely enjoyed going out into nature with both his parents to paint landscapes and from then on developed a passion towards the environment and became an advocate for nature through his paintings.

In 1983, Jean Paul immigrated to Toronto, Canada and from 1984 to 87 attended the Ontario College of Art (O.C.A.).

By 1989 he was a young artist ready to explore the world, and started his journey of living and working in different cities such as Paris, France and Heimbach, Germany from 89 to 1991 where he had one of his earliest solo shows in Haus Schönblick. After 1993 he was based between Beirut and Berlin. His work has been exhibited in solo and collective exhibitions as well as art fairs and auctions in Europe, The Middle East and North America.

Jean Paul’s art is most known for his use of oil paint on canvas and oil pastels on paper in dynamic and vibrant colors expressing sometimes the frustration of mankind’s destruction of nature and other times analyzing the modern human condition.
In his latest works Jean Paul is using mixed media and creating installations influenced by society’s exploitation of nature and women: The first by the destruction of nature for the gain of power and wealth and the latter by the objectification of women and the constant abuse of their vulnerabilities.

Jean Paul is currently based between Beirut, Beijing and New York.

Selected Exhibitions:

2014   - Beirut Art Fair. Represented by Emmagoss Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.

2013   - Beirut Art Fair. Represented by Emmagoss Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.
           - PiArtWorks, Solo India Art Fair, India.
           - PiArtWorks, Solo Singapore Art Fair, Singapore.
           - Anima Gallery, Qatar.

   - PiArtWorks, Solo Expo in Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai.

- Beirut Art Fair. Represented by Emmagoss Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.
           - Solo Exhibition “L’invisible” at Emmagoss Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.

2008   - Solo Exhibition at Stephanie’s Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

2000   - Gallery Dar El Funun, Kuwait.

1996   - Contemporary Art, Vancouver, Canada.

1993   - International Art Gallery, Beirut.

1992   - Kulturzentrum, German Cultural Center, Beirut.

1991   - Haus Schönblick, Heimbach, Germany.

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